Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal is the process of removing minor dents and dings from your motor vehicle without the need to repaint.

There are many advantages to Paintless Dent Removal aside from the obvious fact that there will be no need for repainting and no stress of trying to match back the original paint colour of the car, because the vehicle will still have its original paint.

A vehicle that has not been repainted will maintain a higher value than it would if repainting was done, even if its just one panel or a small section, this makes paintless dent removal ideal for all your cars’ minor dents and dings. Paintless Dent Removal is performed by specialized technicians who are trained in the field, certain tools are used such as a metal rod or prick to push or pull the dented region of the car back into place.

Even though the average small dent removal only takes about 30 minutes, it may take allot more time if you have more than one dent or a really big dent, however the entire process may not take more than a few hours and if you had decided to have the typical body shop procedure of using, buffing, fillers and painting, that same procedure would have probably taken days. And there is the added bonus of having the paintless dent removal technician come to you.